Sounds like the title of a long lost Kubrick film but it is not. It is the raging antithesis of my anger and utter disbelieve that is directed at my institution for higher learning. You see, tomorrow (or today rather), at 8am, I’m supposed to register for 3 of my very last classes here at SCAD. Unfortunatly at 8am I’m going to be beating (literally) on the door of the lovely Bursars Office demanding an explination for a grevious error in judgement on their part. I’m sure you’re wondering what horrible offense SCAD has comitted this time and are waiting with baited breath for an answer like “they killed my dog” but you’ll get no such narrative today I’m afraid. What SCAD has done is something they’ve done since day one. They fucked something up.

Now, having played the “financial aid” game with them for four years I’m usually ready for just about anything. Lost paper work, misfiled applications, slow processing of my loans, anything. This time however, I don’t even know what they could have possibly done to fuck up my account, but they sure did. You see, all month I’ve been going to the financial aid office, filling out forms, getting everything squared away for when my loans arrive (shortly). Since they weren’t here at the begining of the semester like they should have been I was forced to sign a “Promissary Note” which allowed for the due date of my loans to be pushed up until November 1st. I was told that this would take care of everything and that when my loans came in they would be automatically applied and I was all set.

So, paper work in order I continued along in my classes believing everything would be fine. Imagine my surprise when looking at the registration website this evening that I have a “hold” on my account. A hold is a little red flag in their system that prevents you from doing normal every day things like REGISTERING FOR CLASSES for instance. I’ve had holds on my account before, and usually they’re no big deal but this one is different. In the space reserved for the “reason” why you have a hold, which usually says “missing paperwork” or “late payment” or something, there was a simple one line phrase that I’ll be beating the explination for out of loan officials tomorrow. That phrase was: “Registration Hold – See Bursars Office to remove.”

This alone set me off. Not only do they tell me I can’t register but they don’t give me ANY reason what so ever. None. The second reason my blood is boiling at the moment is that I’m a senior, I have 6 classes left, 2 of which are impossible to get into. At 8:02am, those classes will be full and I’ll still be in the Bursars Office demanding an explination of their stupidity. Have I mentioned that I needed those two classes to graduate? Yup, so there’s a good possibility that SCAD just fucked up my graduation from SCAD. Way to go SCAD! You bunch of ass-hat, mother-fucking, no-brained, cock-smoking, sons-of-bitches!


So, at 8am, I will be physically threatening another humans life if they don’t straiten my shit out and quick. Then, I run three blocks to the library where I try to register for classes that are already full, then at 10am I have a meeting (pre-planned, althought it’s a coinsidence) with my advisor over what classes I have left to graduate. That should be a VERY interesting conversation. Begining with the phrase “Now listen you ass-face” and ending with “no officer, I’m not giving you attitude.” I exagerate, I’m not going to call my advisor an “ass-face”, it’s not her fault after all. I’m just super pissed at the moment and I figured that writting curse words would help me to vent.

Hopefully I can get this all straitened out tomorrow. If worst comes to worst, I can talk to the teachers teaching those classes and try to get “over-flow” forms from them to let me in anyways. They’ll probably say no but it never hurts to ask.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. I hate going to bed pissed off, it usually means I won’t get any sleep. Wish me luck and if you don’t hear from me… check the police logs…