By “Ace” I mean a good grade on a project. Actually, 3 good grades to be precise. My last few photo projects erned me a 93 and two 95s. So, I’m quite happy at the moment, which is good since it softened the blow of the 75 I got on my history test. Who needs to know about German Expressionism anyway? Actually, art history is an interesting subject (at least to me) but I’m dreadful when it comes to remembering names and dates and that usually doesn’t boad well for a history exam. Oh well, at least my photos kicked ass.

I also asked my buisness practices teacher about the web site redesign and she said that would be fine. So, believe it or not, I might try and finish that this weekend. If you find the site down for a few hours then you’ll know why.

As for tonight, I’m getting ideas for the afor-mentioned redesign as well as ideas for my next photo shoot on Thursday. I also have to remember to register for classes tomorrow morning. I hope to take “Personal Vision” and “Photographic Portrait” but from what I’ve heard Portrait is the hardest class in the department to get and at least 20 of classmates want to take it as well. Have I mentioned that 15 is the limit on the class size. Yah, sucks doesn’t it. I’m sure there’s quite a few other students who want to take it besides my friends so we’ll just assume a larger round number, such as 50, want to take the class and will be fighting over 15 spots. Joy. We also have online registration so it’s not like I’m fighting face to face with people. Mere seconds can seperate students and if they get the classes their after. Oh well. Good luck and may the fastest typer win.

I should also mention that this is post # 799 that you’re reading and that I’ll reserve post # 800 for the first with the new design. I’ll also be throwing some goodies at you guys (wallpaper, icons, etc) but I’ll reserve a few of them for post # 1000. Wow. I never figured I’d have a journal that would last more than a few months. It’s also a year now and it feels like I just started this thing. Time flys when you’re talking about absolutely nothing important for long periods of time.