It’s not something I do very well. I’m a “last minute” sort of person. I don’t plan ahead, weeks in advance, for activities I might like to do on the weekends. No, I just do them. If I want to see a movie, I just go to the theater. I don’t sit and wait for movies to be released, pre order tickets, and get to the theater 2 hours before hand. Same goes for college and same goes for boredom. Boredom is a product of school. For example, an assignment might be given to me over a weekend. By Saturday night I’ll have it finished because I just went ahead and did it. So what do I do on Sunday? I have a wonderful girlfriend to spend time with, computer games to play, movies to watch. But what happens when my girlfriend is busy with projects of her own, I’ve beaten all my games and I don’t have any movies left to watch? I get bored. So, what do I do with my free time? Usually waste it. I browse the web, play a game or two, read a chapter or two in a book I’m working on, something like that. But those aren’t really constructive activities. I SHOULD be printing photos for my portfolio, scanning negatives, shooting more photos outside of class for fun, anything but what I’m doing. Sitting on my ass isn’t getting me anywhere and it’s not helping my moral. I hope to make a concerted effort to be more constructive with my time but it’ll be hard. I’ve become quite well set in my ways of slacking. Plus I have to finely balance being bored and being busy. I don’t want to be so busy that I don’t have time for the things I do when I’m not bored. I’m not sure that statement makes sense, but I’ll continue anyway. So, the reason I’m writting all this is that, yup you guessed it, I’m bored. But at 3 I’ll no longer be bored, because I’ll be in class. I should probably not make assumptions about my levels of boredom quite yet. Especially given the fact that I’ve yet to really start any classes. I’m sure by this weekend I’ll be bitching about having to much work. Oh well. I suppose I might as well enjoy being bored, at least for the time being.