Well, my photo shoot when very well yesterday. I dropped off the film this afternoon and got the film back just a few minutes ago. I’m good. I’m damn good. Actually, they probably need to be cropped a bit in photoshop, but that’s no big deal. So, missions accomplished.

Speaking of photoshop, I’ve been playing with Chip’s logo, per request, and trying to come up with a smaller version for his photo gallery. I’m sure if you shoot over to Chocobo.cx, he’ll have it up somewhere.

In even more photoshop news, after helping Lauren out with a logo design for her hotel project, I got the logo bug myself and picked up a book on logo/letterhead and buisness card design. I’ve already had a few ideas but the book help cement a few of the in the realm of possibilities.

As for the rest of my day, I’m going to do nothing. A great, awesome, well needed nothing. Lauren is downtown working in the AutoCAD labs on a blueprint/floorplan and is then having a “girls night out”. Jason is going to see that new Jackie Chan movie with Mellissa and Nagle is busy with Katie. That leave me all alone at home to sit and enjoy my video game utopia. Oh how I wish it was October 1st so I could be installed UT2k3 at the moment… but that will have to wait until next weekend.

That is all.