Well, I was wrong about history class. It seems like it’ll actually be a great deal of fun. A good teacher can make all the difference. Especially when your teacher happens to be a yonger version of John Cleese. I kid you not. He’s Brittish, insane, and funny as hell.

For example, his very first words to us were the following:

“Good morning class, my name is Jon, not professor Fields, not Mr. Fields, just plain Jon. I suppose we should go over the rules and safety procedures of the building. Actually, on second thought, screw that. If you haven’t read them before, it’s your own fault. In case of a fire I suggest that you all run screaming to the nearest exit like little children.”

Now, make sure you imagined all that in a Brittish accent. THAT is my teacher.

My other class (Commercial Photo) went as I had planned. We got an extremely vague description of our first project and then were allowed to leave. That’s about it. I’ve already dropped $200 on books and various nessesities and haven’t even ordered photo supplies yet. You can see how broke this semester will make me. Regardless, I’m feeling good about it and I’m looking forward to getting back to work.

Today I’m doing a bit of research for my Buisness Practices class and trying to think up ideas for my first Commercial shoot on Thursday. That’s about it.