After a friggin exhausting wait for cable/internet, I’m finally back in the land of the living. Though, truth be told I didn’t miss TV one bit. I could actually do without the “idiot box” for quite some time if it wasn’t for the Daily Show. Anyway, I’ve been spending most of my time getting the apartment “comfortable” to live in. The involves the basic “moving in” sorts of things: hanging pictures, unpacking boxes, setting up furnature, etc. Besides all that jazz I have managed time to finish GTA 3 and start in on some Morrowind. I’m basically using that as a time killer until I get my hands on the multitudes of nifty games due out in the months between now and Christmas.

That’s about it. Everyone around here is basically killing time until this semester starts, myself included. I think once classes start next week everything will be back to the same old routine. I actually can’t wait for classes this year. It being my senior year I finally get to have all the classes I’ve wanted to take since I got here. I have only two required courses left and then a shit load of electives. Huzah. Jason also told me that his uncle is going to give him a bunch of photo equipment because he doesn’t want it any more. Jason not being a photo major told me that I’d get it instead so that it doesn’t all go to waste. Allegedly there’s a camera or two and an enlarger involved. That might be pretty cool.

I should probably mention the new apartment as well. It’s nice. Very nice actually. It’s a split-two bedroom with a decent sized kitchen and almost as much room as our old apartment. It’s in a much more upscale neighborhood and doesn’t have nearly as many “maintenance issues” that the old apartment had. Plus the added bonus of living a mere 20ft from Lauren make this an ideal situation.

Ok, time to get some rest, there’s plenty more “nothing” to do tomorrow while I wait for classes to start. At least I get a little break to mentally unwind. Later.