I’m not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing, but tonight’s show at Avalon was broadcast on the local KISS radio station (Kiss 108). Most people have a “Kiss” radio station on their dial since it’s a nation-wide channel/company. Well, tonight, after finding nothing on my regular stations, I hit “scan.” I stopped it when I heard the first few notes of Sandstorm. After listening for a minute or so, a quick little message faded in saying “you’re listening to DJ Icey at Avalon in Boston on Kiss 108.” I was confused for a moment. Why on earth would DJ Icey play Darude? I couldn’t figure it out. As I drove home from dropping Jason off (oh, btw, I helped Jason out and gave him a ride home tonight) I continued to listen and Darude mixed into Cher which mixed into a horrible Shakira remix. I started thinking I was hearing things. You see, DJ Icey is a BRAKEBEAT DJ! Nothing even vaguely resembling a dance anthem has ever crossed his turntables. When I got home I turned on this here computer, checked the Avalon website and sure enough, DJ Icey is playing at Avalon at this very moment. So, I’m sitting in my room with the radio on at this very second and I’m starting to think, no strike that, I’m convinced that this is some horrible excuse for a mix made up by Kiss 108 they just happen to be sponsoring Avalon tonight or something. The set doesn’t seem “live” and isn’t mixed very well and most importantly it isn’t even close to breakbeat techno. Either that or DJ Icey has somehow become the worst DJ in existance. I’m very confused. Why would a local radio station broadcast a concert but not actually broadcast the music played at the concert? It’s very odd indeed. Unless they just wanted to be “cool” and sponsor a club night without knowing before hand that the music played that night wouldn’t really appeal to 99% of the moron “I like dance music because it’s hip” people who might be listening. I hate those people. I really, really, really want to take a big stick and hit those people on the nose and say “no, bad monkey!” You see, it’s all part of my theory about “american dance music” and how it’s making teenagers stupid as bricks. “American Dance Music” or “crap” as it’s known to most real techno fans is the kind of music that you hear once and think “wow that’s stupid” but at least you can tap your foot to it. The problem is that its been specially engineered by the evilness that is American record company marketing departments to be hip and trendy and sooner than you can say “change the station” it’s everywhere and you can’t escape it. You hear the stupid song every 15 seconds and it seems that every 16 year old asshat on the planet has to have it playing super loud as they drive their fucking Honda Civics around. Don’t even get me started on Civics. Arrrrgggg! See, this is why there’s high blood pressure in my family.

*breath matt, breath*

You know… it’s not even that important. If “they” want to listen to it, let’em. By “they” I mean stupid people. I’m going to bed. Later.