Apparently Scott has been having a rough day. He also apparently hates…

Pop Music:
“The music industry easily at the lowest point it has ever been. Each day, the radio waves of America are infested with a combination of terrible pop quintets, rappers who rap about rapping with other rappers while wrapping things, rock groups whose most inspired lyrics could pass for a LiveJournal entry, and that terrible “Hero” jingle from Spider Man which sounds like it begins midway through the damn song.”

“Of all the faux underground music that exists today, one person stands out above the rest as the most haughty, irritating, and completely useless of the artists of this type. This one man does all he can to try to seem different, but ends up just looking conceited and whiny. This man is Moby.”

And the movie Signs:
“Movies like this are mainly why I dislike seeing things in the theater from the month of April through the month of September. Everything that comes out in that time period is designed to rake in maximum profit for as little quality as can possibly be afforded. Now that M. Night Whatever has a shitload of money one would hope that he would be making better movies in the future.”

Ouchy. I just thought I’d share since I didn’t do anything interesting today of my own. Enjoy the bitter opinions of Something Awful