Yesterday was a bit of an adventure for Chris and I. Chris was wanting to move some things to Long Island and was wondering if I would like to go with him so that he didn’t have to make the trip alone. I was more than willing to go but wasn’t sure since my jaw/teeth were still in considerable pain. By yesterday morning the swelling had gone down and I was semi-able to chew solid foods again. The fact that I didn’t wake up to a raging head/toothache was a good sign. So, I decided I’d be ok to make the trip with Chris.

The trip would consist of us driving to Connecticut, picking up things from his uncles house, driving down through/around NYC and over to Long Island. There we would drop everything off, drive to the other end of L.I. and take a ferry back over to Connecticut and then drive home. Surprisingly… everything worked out. Chris and I had a fantastic habit of getting confused while we’re on road trip. Once or twice on our way home from Boston we’ve somehow ended up on roads heading towards Maine. Not this time. Thanks in large part to MapQuest, we actually made it. We even made our boat reservation to boot. All in all it was a fairly fun little adventure.

Today I’m actually doing even better and my wisdom teeth are almost back to normal. I’m still insisting on going to the detist and having the damn thing ripped out. I’m going going to go back to school and have it act up again. There hasn’t been any appointments made but I’ll fix that soon. I’ve also managed to get a hair appointment for Thursday so I can have a little trim before I go back to Savannah.

As for today itself, Chris and I actually have a bit planned. We’re going to go to Newbury Comics so he can get his last CD purchases of the summer season then over to Tweeter so he can get a disk cleaner for his car. After that we had wanted to get something to eat and rent the 2nd season of the Supranos. Both of us have seen the 1st season but we’ve missed almost all of the 2nd. So, that’s pretty much our plan. I figure we’ll be able to knock off about half of the season today and then finish up the rest later. That’s pretty much it.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Chris let me borrow his Nikon CoolPix 995 so I could take some pictures of the Matrix. I did that this morning and after I resize them I’ll be putting them up. That is all.