Today… I quest. Having already found my personal music grail this summer (rare Paul Van Dyk cd: Vorsprung Dyk Technik) today I go in search of a far easier prize. The long awaited album AirDrawnDagger from Sasha will be waiting for me at Newbury Comics. Reviews of this cd already call it a masterpiece and praise it so highly I’m expecting nothing short of orgasms when merely catching sight of the package. Well… maybe not orgasms… but it should certainly be good. At any rate, we’ll find out this afternoon if the album lives up to it’s hype. Knowing Sasha… it will.

Other than that I plan to sit on my ass, finish my book and watch movies on AMC all day. Unless of course someone has a better idea. But, since there’s no good movies out, we’ve eaten every place nearby more than once and gone to Nashua more than I care to think about… there’s not much left to do anymore. But who cares… I’m buying my last CD of the summer. I’m actually rather proud of myself. I bought less than 8 CDs this summer. Usually summer is my big binge and I go back to Savannah with 20 or 30. Maybe that’s saying something about recent music quality. Who cares… it’s time for breakfast.