Well, last nights “game night” went well. Chip and I played CS almost exclusively.

CS is one of those games were you’ll have a hot streak for an hour or so and then have an extremely cold streak for an equal amount of time. It can be quite fustrating. The keys to sucess usually involve a heafty dose of caffine and occasional breaks so you don’t get burnt out. This may seems a tad involved for something that’s “just a game” but I don’t care. It’s a darn good game and I take my video gaming skills rather seriously. It’s no fun losing and when you’re good enough to win you often have more fun that way. Anyway, it was fun. It’s a shame we couldn’t pick up Jason but it was simply too far to Chelmsford to get him. It was raining and windy and Chelmsford is about an hour away normally. So, the weather wasn’t really the kind we felt safe driving in, especially to someplace we didn’t really know. Next week we’ll make some definite plans and make sure we get him up here.

Today we have a cookout/birthday party for my grandmother. We had all snuck around and gotten a family portrait done and printed up for her and she really seemed to enjoy it. Having my tooth problem I had to stick to hotdogs and potato salad so I missed out on what I’m told were “quite tasty burgers.” Wait, I haven’t mentioned my dental problem have I? Ah, well, it seems that one of my wisdom teeth, in it’s infinite “wisdom”, has decided to make this weekend “come out and greet the world” weekend. The whole right side of my face is swollen extremely large and my teeth/gums aren’t exactly feeling 100%. Actually, it’s possibly the most painful experience of my life. Seriously. Now I know why teething babies cry so much. Allegedly tomorrow my Mom is making an emergency appointment with the dentist to have it (or both of them) removed.

Now, I’m the type of person who has a deep and unnatural hatred for the dentist. All my life, everytime I go to the dentist it’s been nothing but extreme plain and discomfort. So, in turn, I hate it. Add to this my also deep and unnatural fear of anethesia. It really really frightens me. Being put “to sleep” by something I don’t have complete and total control over really scares the crap out of me. What if the dentist screws up? What if I don’t wake up? What if something goes wrong and I don’t know it? All these thing run through my head when I think about “going under.” However, in light of the extreme pain I’m in and the fact that I CAN’T CHEW, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this over with. I can put my fears aside if it means I’ll be pain free in a few days. It also means that the probable cause of my headaches might go away, a possibility that intrests me as well. So, in this case, the good outweighs to bad and I’ll probably bite the bullet and simply get it over with. But I still won’t like it. Or even the concept of it. I’m just not thinking about it at the moment… or at least trying not to.

Thats about all thats going on with me. Pain, discomfort and a family BBQ, what a great combonation.