I some how completely forgot to mention which model it is. The Matrix comes in 3 models: base, XR and XRS. The only difference between the XR and the XRS is some “sporty” rice-rocket-ish molding along the side pannels. I’m serious. Same engine, same everything. So, not wanting to go with simply the baseline, we opted for the XR. Now, the regular Matrix is cool, but the Matrix XR adds some cool features. We also added some additional features because they were available and it seemed like a good idea. The additional feature we get with the XR are:

– Remote keyless entry system
– Rear window wiper (yes, this doesn’t come standard. odd.)
– Power windows
– Power door locks
– 3-spoke “sport” leather wrapped steering wheel
– One 115-volt and two 12-volt auxiliary power outlets (yes, that’s in addition to the normal one or two “cigarette lighter” outlets. The 115v outlet is a huge deal. Think about the war-driving capabilities. hehe)
– variable intermittent windshield wipers (instead of the on/off variety)
– Driver’s seat vertical height adjuster
– Passenger’s seat vertical height adjuster
– Interior mirror-mounted maplights
– Moon/Sun roof

The features we added:
– Premium 3-in-1 AM/FM ETR/Cassette/CD with 6 speakers
– Integrated fog lamps
– Cruise control
– 4-wheel Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

All that random crap, plus the standard stuff (airbags, cup holders, etc) makes this an attractive little package. We stuck with Toyota because we’ve purchased so many cars from them before that they were willing to give us insain deals. This will in fact be our 8th (!) Toyota. Our other Toyota option was a Carolla LE which was very attractive as well but simply doesn’t offer as much cargo room. I liked it a lot as soon as the test drive began but it took a test drive of their own to convince the parents. As soon as they drove it they loved it too. It’s really really easy to drive. It feels just like the Carolla and Camrys we’ve had in the past. There was practically no learning curve, no “where the hell is this button” problems. It’s a Toyota and they have a habit of using nearly the same designs all across the board. Anyway, I was looking at the Toyota site and found something I think Chris would find amusing. Buddy, if this isn’t convincing… I don’t know what it.

I haven’t decided on any names yet, any one have any suggestions? And yes… it is a requirement that boys name their cars. Well, at least with Chris and I anyways. Tehehe. Just ask Chris about Winona.

So, after all the fun and excitement of picking up a new car, what’s left but to play video games? I assume the game night is still on. Odds are that it’ll just be Chip and I but we usually have more fun that way anyways. I’ll have to give him a call later.

That is all.