This will be the last post for a little while. Odds are we won’t have a cable modem in Savannah right away. It’ll probably take till at least the end of next week or even longer. I’m packing up stuff as I speak and this is going in a box very shortly. I might keep it out for a little while so I can get ahold of Chip. If he is planning on being around today I might be able to give him the 32 port hub I borrowed so it can get back to Dave. Anyways, while I’m traveling I obviously can’t update (unless I find a netCafe or something) so I figured I’d leave you guys with a few links to keep you busy. These are a few of my “daily links” or links that I visit fequently. Enjoy:

Deviant Art – random artsy things. Applications skins, wallpaper, etc.
SurfStation – random artsy links.
URL DJ – links and interesting stories.
Penny Arcade – best online comic, period.
NeoWin – Windows, gaming and tech news.
Something Awful – randomly interesting. offensive, crude and often funny.
FARK – random links and humor.
[H]ardOCP – daily tech news. mostly hardware.
Worth1000 – Daily Photoshop contests.
Essential US – for you Techno fans, the Essential Mix US homepage. good place to find track listings or just ideas for good tracks.
NewsFactor – news on just about everything computer related.
ShackNews – game news and lots of it.

That’s about it. I’ll take to you guys soon. Take care.