For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, copyright protection software has given way to anti-copyright software. I’m talking mainly about protected CDs and they’re weak and pitiful anti-piracy techniques. Thanks to hard working people who don’t give a flying fuck about this crap we have programs such as Clony, BetaBlocker, BlindWrite or Insektor, all of which circumvent multitudes of different protection systems. Insektor for example allows you to play backups of SafeDisc and Securom protected CDs. Betablocker allows for proper copying of SafeDisk 2 cds using CloneCD. All of these programs can be found very easily around the web. A quick search on Google turned up all of them for me. I love technology.

Clony XXL homepage
CloneCD BetaBlocker Page
BetaBlocker site (???) in german.
CloneCD Insektor Page

Speaking of technology, my favorite place for random tech-ish news is back online. NeoWin is reopen for buisness after a short downtime to figure out some backend stuff. Check’em out.

As for me, I still feel like crap. Durring the day it’s not that bad but at night I feel like my throat is going to explode in some Aliens-ish “theres something growing in my throat” sort of way. I’ve been coughing up very pleasent wads of something green-ish in hopes that the more I cough-up, the less remains for me to cough up later. At least that was the plan. I’ve also been reading my new book: Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation. It’s a fantastic book. It basically points the finger at the rich and powerful (aka: republicans) for the sudden downturn in everything from the economy to the music industry. It’s quite an interesting read.

That is all.