What a pile of bull-shit. Now the RIAA is targeting individual users instead of file-sharring programs. At least, that their plan. They still haven’t worked out the details on their attacks since they have the obvious problem of being “a pile of bull-shit.” They claim that CD sales numbers are down for the first time since 1983 and blame file sharring and cd burners for the problem. I have a different idea of what the problem might be… SHITTY MUSIC! How about this: why don’t the record companies stop pushing crappy rap-pop into our faces and start trying to find good, musically talented bands that might actually sell records for the pure fact that they don’t suck. Hmmm, nope, we’d rather support another Brittney Spears album or some Creed B’sides and sit around with our thumbs up our asses trying to figure out why they’re not selling. Come on people! Wake up and listen to the crap that’s on corporate radio and you can instantly tell why it’s not selling. Because it all sucks, it all sounds the same and none of it is worth buying. Come on corporate record guy, put down your lawsuit and do your job. Go find some garage band with talent and help restore some faith in the music industry. Don’t just recycle the same crap, slap an “Eminem remix” sticker on it and try to sell it. Even the mentally retarded 14 year old mall-rats are starting to catch on. And you know you’re in trouble when someone wearing an NSYNC tshirt is calling your bluff.