Well, some good news. I’m now an employee of Adecco, a temp agency. What’s funny is that the person I “interviewed” with was actually an old EB employee, so that made the process a little easier. Thankfullly he remembered me as well and so he “hooked me up” with an instant job at a bank in town. He’s supposed to call tonight and give me the details and I could be starting as early as tomorrow. I get paid a flat rate from the temp agency and the jobs only last a week or so, then I move on to the next one. He said that since he knew I worked well, he could easily keep me “in jobs” for the rest of the summer. It’s nice to think that you’re remembered as a “good employee” and that people are out there to help other folks out. I should have done this sooner. I guess we’ll see how the job turns out tomorrow. Wish me luck.