Well, I’ve been tinkering more and more with Moveable Type and thanks to Chris I actually have something to show for it. All that I left to do is convert over my old posts and tinker with some CSS a little. I’m debating doing away with the CSS all together but its still up in the air. I might just simplify it a great deal. At the moment the default CSS page is huge, with about 30-40 different entries. I don’t think I need that many. At the most I’d use about 5, but certainly not 40. I need a defined “content”, “date/time/comment/author”, “title” and then a few for the comments box, that’s about it. I certainly don’t need a defined style for “calendar sub heading.” That’s just excessive. Anyway, I’ll do those two things tomorrow and then I should be ready to rock and role. It’ll look 95% like it does right now with a few random things appearing on the right hand side, but that’s about all you’ll notice for changes. So, the final changes will take up the morning and then converting stuff and moving everything will take up the afternoon and if all goes as planned, I’ll have a new journal up for “game night” tomorrow.