Well, day two is over and done with. This time it went by a little faster. I do enjoy having an hour for lunch and being able to come home and not have to pay for a meal. Apparently tomorrow is my last day doing what I’m doing. According to the temp agency Granite Bank has asked for another temp (or for me to stay) but they don’t know what they might need done or if they even need someone. From the rumors I’ve heard in the past two days, one lady is out sick but might just be faking so she can use up sick/vacation days before she quits and another lady has a sick relative and doesn’t know how often she can come in. That leaves room for one questionable temp and one part time temp. It’s all very confusing and I try not to think about it. Regardless I get to turn in a time sheet tomorrow and get paid next week. That money will go directly into savings and not get spent. It needs to be saved for a large purchase at the end of the summer.

Unfortunately there’s no vaguely interesting anecdotes from my day. It passed fairly uneventfully. I listened to more stories about grand-children and answered questions about what I’m in school for and what I actually do as a photographer. Apparently the elderly are inquisitive. I didn’t mind really, it’s like having a conversation with your grandparents, provided you like your grandparents. They’re interested in your day and any interesting things you’ve done over any given stretch of time and then always fall back into the age old “back in my day” stories. Since I like early to mid-century culture I’m usually very interested in hearing about what people have gone through over the course of their lives and what brings them to this particular point.

It’s basically the kind of job where you can sit at a desk all day and continuously stare at the work you’ve been given and yet hold a conversation with your neighbors at the same time. Meaning that it’s mindless work but the atmosphere is conductive to conversation. It also helps that I have a window. A large window that overlooks two parking lots and a shopping plaza. Towards the end of the day when you’re brain is tired it’s much easier to mistake squirrels for grocery store cart-boys and vice versa. Maybe that’s just me.

So I return home and an empty house as I usually do. The family is off at yet another baseball game. At this point I usually find something to eat but I’ve noticed steaks thawing in the refrigerator so I’ll refrain. I think this might be a perfect time to work on Warcraft III a bit. I’ve become more and more dis-satisfied with the first person story line as it seems thinner than air but I do enjoy most of the rest of the game. I suppose I’ll load up a skirmish and see if I can avoid a solid pasting from the nearly invincible A.I.

Oh, and one last thing. At some point this weekend I hope to convert the site, or at least this journal, over to Movable Type. So, keep you’re eyes peeled for some changes.