Somehow my “fantastic day” continues into today as well. For the past few days my eys were a bit red. I didn’t think anything of it since durring the summer they usually are (damn allergies!). But today I woke up to full blown pink-eye. Great. Now I have to go to the doctor (which I can’t pay for) to see which kind of pink-eye it is. There’s three kinds you know: Viral conjunctivitis (usually affects only one eye), Bacterial conjunctivitis (affects both eyes and causes a heavy discharge) and Allergic conjunctivitis (affects both eyes and causes itching). Odds are I have Viral. Why? Because it’s only in one eye and I’ve been rubbing both. If it was going to spread, it would have. Great, how am I supposed to go on job interviews looking like this. Visine has been helping a bit, maybe I’ll drop a few drops of that in before I go inside anywhere. Not a bad plan. Ok, I’m off to job hunt, wish me luck.