Well, I was checking out SurfSation as I tend to and happened apon and interesting Canadian photographer by the name of Scott Pommier. His work is really pretty good. He mainly does “skate photo” which is a whole huge sub-genre of photography in and of itself. Anyway, I got to reading his info a little bit and he apparently uses (or used) nothing but used equipment. So, that got me thinking. I started checking the used section of B&H and to my surprise, some of this equipment is going for huge discounts. There’s a perticular Leica M6 that I’m drooling over and it’s going for only $1500 (about half it’s normal cost). There’s also a Nikon F4E (nearly my dream camera: the F5) that comes with a new rangefinder and a motor drive for only $799. I nearly wet my pants at that one. Then of course… there’s the motherload. A fully loaded Mamiya RZ-67 with lens and 120 roll film back for $2k. Anyone want to load me two grand? Anyone? Didn’t think so. *sniffle*

That’s ok, I’ll just save up for it.