What a basically useless day. I was on the phone with Adecco who told me to “just sit tight” and that they’d get back to me. I’m sorry, I thought this was only my livelyhood we were talking about. Silly me, I appologize for not wanting to be BROKE! (deep breath matt)

Somehow undaunted I went to the gym to “relax.” I’m not sure why, I didn’t actually think that physical activity would make me relax in any sort of way but I went just the same. I pounded out 30 minutes on the eliptical trainer (half bike/half treadmill) and another 30 on various weight-type equipment.

So, after sweating more than I thought humanly possible I returned home to the brilliance that is air conditioning. I love this stuff. It makes my life complete. I feel sorry for everyone that doesn’t get to enjoy the splender that an indoor temperature controlled enviroment can bring.

So, post shower and pre dinner I decide to hope on this towering piece of computer goodness and see if I have any email. I didn’t, unless you count the 3 pieces of unnaturally aggrivating SPAM. “No, I don’t want to enlarge my penis, enter a pyramid scheme or refinance my home, go away.” At this point I figured I’d poke around at Style XP again. I really do enjoy the program and was 99% ready to pay the $20 to have it nice and legal when all of a sudden it decided to act up. At first it just wasn’t loading themes correctly, then not at all. So, a week or two ago I decided to uninstall it. Today I go to reinstall it and try again and I get some obscure error from the install program and my system locks up. So, I wrote an email to TGTSoft tech support asking about the problem. If they’re going to get my $20 then this program had better work correctly. I’ve yet to hear back. We’ll see.

My brother also got off the phone with my parents and apparently we’re going “out” for dinner. Usually “going out” involves having pizza delivered but I think they’re actually considering leaving the house this time. I’m really in the mood for some chicken marsala so I’m hoping to convince them that Italian is the way to go.

Other than that, it’s been a completely unproductive day. What fun.