Well, I talked to Adecco this morning. My temp assignment at the bank ended on Monday but apparently I did such a good job they’re looking to have me go back. The bank manager called and said that she was working on finding a near-permanent position for me for the rest of the summer. It’ll probably take a day or two of figuring out the details but I was told I might be back at the bank by the end of the week. If it doesn’t work out they’re looking at hooking me up with something else. So, I’m hopeful but I know anything could happen and I’m not holding my breath.

This afternoon I also offered to give Jason a ride home from work. He’s lost his driving prividges for various reasons and was stuck in Chelmsford. Dinner was my reward and I indulged in a very tender filet at Longhorn Steakhouse. It really hit the spot. I hadn’t had real meat in a while. We’ve done burgers on the grill over the past few weeks, but nothing compairs to a tasty steak every once and a while. Yum.

Oh, and I also did a little graphic design for Chip today. He’s currently working on a redesign for www.chocobo.cx and was looking for a logo/banner graphic. I happen to like doing that sort of thing so I whipped a little something up. You can keep checking his site and I’m sure he’ll let you know if he’ll be using it or not. Since it technically his logo, I’ll let him link it if he wants to. If he wants to keep it a secret until the finished redesign, he can do that to.