Yesterday was family day I suppose. I drove up north and visited with relatives and then had a tasty dinner. Well, it was kind of tasty. It wasn’t as great as everyone told me it was going to be and I was rather disappointed.

So, after that I drove home expecting to play some computer games with the guys. At some point a decision was made to see a movie instead and since it was raining and I didn’t want to move a computer across town in the rain, so off to the movies we went.

We decided to see Minority Report. I was actually surprised by the movie, I honestly thought it would be complete crap. I expected your average, candy-coated, Steven Spielberg kids movie. It was not. In fact, I really enjoyed the movie up until the last half hour. In my opinion it was the “A.I. Syndrome” all over again and I felt like the movie should have ended sooner than it did. But, on retrospect, the last ending did clailify a few plot points that were dangling in my mind. Of course they were ended in your typical “happy ending” sort of way, but since this is Spielberg we’re talking about, I didn’t expect much else. Let’s just say that at the 2 hour mark I was thinking to myself “wow, this is Spielberg’s first non-crappy-ending movie, go Steve” but at the 2 1/2 hour mark I was thinking “god damn, when is this going to end.” But, for a good effort and fairly decent special effects and always nifty futuristic gadgets, I’ll give Minority report an A-. Good try Steve, just shake off the “I’m making happy endings” crap and you would have had an A+.