Woot. Midway through game night and I’m taking a moment to center my chi. Otherwise known as “eating a slice of pizza and drinking a soda.” Ok, it’s a little centering… at least to a gamer. But seriously. Game night is going well. Chip, Dave and myself have been playing some CS, HL:Surprise and Jedi Knight II. Chip just left to pick up Jason so who knows what we’ll play next. “Game Night” is also a great way for us Uber Nerds to share those little interesting links, MODs, MP3s and other tid bits that only us nerds know how to find. Tonight Chip showed me Style XP. Think Windows Blinds + Logon Loader + Style Editor + Plus!. It’s pretty nifty. You can customize so much. Now, if only it had icon changing abilities, it would be my ultimate desktop toy. For now I’ll have to settle with only being able to change 99% of my desktop… darn.

Post Avalon update: I’m sore as all hell. My back hurts, my feet hurt. My ears are ringing as much as before. I suppose it’s because it wasn’t quite as deafening as usual last night. That or I’m losing my hearing. Either way.

Ok, back to games.