Well. There’s a bit of a site update for you guys to check out. I fixed a large portion of Photo section. I added a few pictures under the “Studio” and “Color” catagories. I also fixed some text, updated a bit and generally cleaned up the loose ends. Oh, and does anyone have a large sized scanner? (larger than 8×10). I’m in desperate need of one so I can scan in some recent work. If anyone has one, or has access to one or knows someone who has access to one, it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t intend to go to Kinko’s and use their crappy 8×10 scanners and get charged per-minute for using it, that’s just silly. So, if anyone has one sitting around an office persay… lemme know.

Oh, and thanks to Chip, I now have some free (kinda) buisness cards on the way. VistaPrint offers free buisness cards in exchange for a very small ad (basically just their web site address) on the back of the card. Not too shabby, especially for next to nothing. Those should be here in a few days. Yah!