Well, my computer is fucked. More acurately, my graphics card is fucked. A very expensive, very brand-new graphics card, is fucked. There seems to be an issue with some connections between the card and monitors. Both the standard VGA out and the Digial out produce large screen “reminants” or “stray pixels”. A good parallel might be static that you’d get from a loose coax cable TV wire connection. You can “jiggle” it and it improves a little, but there’s still some static and interferance on the screen. That’s whats happening here. The only problem is that this is a tad bit more expensive than a TV cable and that it’s brand new. The 30 day return policy from the web site I bought it at has passed, so now I have to hope that the company that produces it has some sort of policy. The only problem there is that the box, software and receipt of purchase are all back in Savannah. So, now I have a graphics card that is more or less unusable (since the quality of the picture is nearly usless) because of the problems and I can’t return it because I don’t even have the box it came in. There is a small, tiny, micro sized bright side… my motherboard does have a built in GeForce 2. So, the system itself isn’t “unuseable”. It’s just that I bought this system for pure power and stability and now its as if the transmission just fell out onto the highway. So, I have two options. A)Live with it until I have the money for a new card – which is unacceptable. Or B) Try and return the card – which will be nearly impossable.

Let the fun begin.