Well… last night was fun, mostly. There were a few annoyances that I’ll mention, but that can wait for a second.

The day actually started around 9 when we got up to head into the city. We wanted to have plenty of time to wonder around Harvard Square and Chris wanted to go to the New Balance factory store. After dropping off my brother at the T stop in Coply Square we decided that since New Balance was furthest away we should probable make it our first stop. It didn’t take very long and I actually got some new sneakers too. Just some simple gray ones. Mostly because my old sneakers had seen better days and it was just about time to get new ones anyways. After that we drove back to Coply, parked and took the T over to Harvard. As always we wanted to go to Urban Outfitters since their “Bargain Basement” is usually a really good bargain and we can usually find some nice stuff. This time it was a different story. Everything in the basement was nearly the price of the things up stairs and there wasn’t really anything that was worth buying. Seriously, I don’t consider a $35 shirt to be a “bargain” in any basement. Especially when the original price was $39.

After that we decided to hit our favorite store on the planet. Newbury Comics. Now, you have to understand that at this point Chris and I have given more money to Newbury Comics than nearly anyone on the planet, so we should probably have a “valued members” plaque on the wall or something. Yesterday however, Newbury’s out did themselves. I found, in the used rack of all places, the motherload. I now have, in my possesion, the original 3 disk set from the great Paul Van Dyk. Ask any collector how much “Vorsprung Dyk Technik” is worth and they’d probably give you a number in the upper 70s. I found it for a staggering $12. You have to realize where this baby comes from. This is an out of print, german imported, tripple cd set, from 1992. To me at least, this is the equivelant of finding the Beetles “Abby Road” on vinyl for $1.50. Its that great a find.

After all that shopping excitement it was time for lunch. A quick stop at Uno’s Pizza dealt with that while we tried to figure out what to do next. At this point it was 3:00pm and the club didn’t open until 10. I won’t bore you with details about how we wittled away the next 7 hours at Barnes and Noble by reading magazine, because you probably would fall asleep. Either way, around 10 we walked over to Landsdown St and into Avalon.

There wasn’t that big of a crowd until around 11:30 so we just kind of sat in the back and watched John Debo warm up. I have to honestly say that I wasn’t that impressed with his DJing. We kept the whole thing to under 120bpm (beats per minute, slow by techno standards) and really didn’t play anything interesting. Around 12, DJ Micro took over and things got a little better. Playing some decent tunes (at least one’s that I recognized) he played a pretty good set. He even threw in some old stuff to keep us old skoolers happy. The night was mostly enjoyable, with a few exceptions. These exceptions can, and will, ruin and evening unless they’re taken in stride. I have a hard time taking anything in stride, so this kind of thing annoys the piss out of me. I will now list my greviances in no perticular order:

– Smokers – I hope you die and early cancerous death you chain smoking, arm flailing morons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly been hit by someones cigarette. Hey fuckos, if you’re going to smoke, walk over to the bar and do it, don’t stand next to me. That also goes for the…

– Sloppy Drunks – Honestly, if you can take your liquior, don’t buy it. Holding a cup above your head so it won’t spill is also unacceptable. Why? Because then it simply splashes on other people.

– Spandex – It’s a privildge, not a right. It also went out in the 80s… so fuck off.

– Sausage Parties – I have no problem with a bunch of guys out having a good time, but when you team up and pelvis thrust at a girl like some bad Saturday Night Live sketch, it’s pretty annoying. Especially for the girl. No one appreciates your cock being in everyone’s way.

– “I’m Paul Oakenfold” – Stupid trendy mother fuckers. Take off your sunglasses, your Abercrombie t-shirts and your giant attitude. You’re in a club for christ sakes. Put your spikey, greased up hair away too. Idiots.

– Bump-and-grinders – There’s nothing I hate more than couples on the dance floor. If my girlfriend were with me there’s no way in hell we’d be doing anything like what these people were doing. What’s even more annoying is when you’re stuck in between two couples. The couple of the left is practicing having children and the couple on the right is playing so much tonsile hockey we might as well give them the Stanely Cup. Find a room.

– My personal bubble – I have one, respect it. If you don’t, I’m not responsible for the pain you’re going to endure. This may include sharp rib pokes from my elbows, stepping on your feet, pushing you out of the way or even punching you in the back of the head… which, as one stupid Boston clubber can tell you, wasn’t an accident. You invade my space, I’m going to resist more than the French Underground.

So, it was a good DJ set but was more or less mared by stupid people. It wasn’t completely un-enjoyable, but it certainly isn’t on my list of “great nights spent dancing”. Oh well. At least I have the greatest Paul Van Dyk CD ever to show for my trip. Hooray for me.

Now it’s time to see if I can get this dumb computer working. Wish me luck. Oh, and I appologize for the spelling mistakes… I know there’s a lot of them, but I’m having so many software problems at the moment that I dare not run a spell checker. Sorry.