Well, it’s Wednesday. After getting constantly berated from my old man for the afternoon about not having a job yet I decided to go grocery shopping. Not because we really needed food, but because I can’t eat low fat boca burgers and 8-grain whole wheat bread any more. Just because everyone else is on a diet doesn’t mean I should have to be as well. Not that I don’t need it, I’m getting a little soft around the middle, but I prefer to diet a different way. It’s called the “eat whatever you want, don’t eat too much and exercise diet”. I like it.

On the job front… I’ve got a few names and numbers (or email addresses) and I’m definatly going to call them… but I have a small problem. What do I do if they ask to see a portfolio? My newest work is 16×20 (ie: to large for a standard sized portfolio case) and my older work is in Savannah. So, I either need to find a nice 16×20 photo portfolio (which is different from normal portfolio cases) or have my old work sent up from Savannah or get my digital portfolio into decent shape. I obviously favor the later option. Try explaining that to a father who isn’t quite in the midst of the “digital age”. If I’m sitting in front of my computer I’m obviously not working on anything important and therefor wasting my time. How aggrivating. But thats ok, because tomorrow is PVD.

Woot. I’m seriously looking forward to tomorrow night. Last time Paul Van Dyk came to town it was fantastic so there’s definatly some expectations to be met. The only thing that could be aggrivating is the crowd itself. Which, in my opinion, is 99% aggrivating 100% of the time. But, if ignored, it shouldn’t be too bad.

So, tonight I’m actually going to cook a little dinner for everyone. A little chicken parm and garlic bread. Should be tasty. That is all.