Well, I’m home, but not after an ordeal. There’s always something that has to happen whenever I do anything. This time it happened to be the catalidic converter (sp??) in my car. It decided to be a stupid shit and fall off in the middle of i95. So, with a massive hole in my exhaust system I pulled into the next exit. Luckily the next exit happened to be a “Nashua NH on crack.” I had never seen so many stores. The town was based around the shopping complexes. And when I say “complex” I mean military installation sized. Think of any near by town that you’d go to where there are “factory outlets”. Now, whatever scene you have in your head… double it… then add some more, then double it again. Thankfully this shopping utopia had a Minekie (Mine-a-Key, sp?) and we were able to get it fixed. We had to stay the night but luckily there was a Holiday Inn nearby and an Olive Garden across the street. We were able to have the car fixed the next morning and get back on the road around 10:30am.

From there we drove up into the moutains of Pennsylvania, a part of the drive I dislike severly. Mostly because I’m somehow the one that always has to drive it. It’s twisty, turny, steep and narrow. It’s a two lane road through the mountains and I don’t exactly have a car that likes to climb hills. But no matter, we made it anyways, the car’s transmission being punished the entire time. After that is was a hard right turn towards NY and Mass. Somewhere along the Mass Pike we stopped to get some gas and the rest area we stopped at had a Dunkin Donuts. For the first time in months I tasted the warm brown goodness that is a cup of Dunkies coffee. Then it was a quick jaunt up the Pike towards NH and then I was home.

So, now I’m home… and sleeping. Well, I was sleeping. Currently I’m typing and doing laundry. I think Chris and I will grab some lunch in a while since he just gave me a call. I think it’s time for a shower. Later.