Well, I actually don’t feel half bad today. I went to the gym and worked out a bit and then sat in the steam room for about a half hour. It was very relaxing. Then, as if I hadn’t relaxed enough, I decided to go in the hot tub, which was more relaxing. So, now I’m home, eating Papa Gino’s pizza and feeling very very relaxed and happy. Oh, and I also got my buisness cards in the mail today. They’re nifty. Simple in design but they were practically free so I’m not complaining. Anyway, that’s about it. Lauren’s said she would give me a ring at some point so now I’m just hanging out, watching TV until then.

Tomorrow I’m driving up north to my aunt’s house again. This time for a belated father’s day and for two family birthdays. My grandma has offered to take everyone out to dinner (or late lunch – 2pm-ish) at this very nice place near by. I’m planning to leave around 6ish so I can be home in time to play some computer games with the boys tomorrow night. That should be fun. I’ve got my new graphics card and I’m ready to rock.