Well, game night was fun. We played some CS, WarCraft III, tried to play Jedi II (but we forgot CDs) and that’s about all I can remember. We got some pizza at some point and it was tasty.

Today, when putting my computer back upstairs I stepped on my keyboard on accident which facilitated my purchase of a new one this afternoon. It’s actually the same keyboard I’ve been borrowing to play games at Simpro. It’s the Logitech “Internet Navigator” which basically means it has a few useless buttons around the top that I’m sure I’ll never use. It’s also being a pain in the ass with my USB ports. It refuses to recognise itself and only appears as “Unknown USB device.” I’ve tried installing the drivers from Logitech about 30 times and no go. When I plug it into the PS2 port however, it works perfectly. Kind of disappointing considering I used the exact same keyboard, in a USB slot, last night and it worked fine. I’ll figure it out later.

I guess it’s dinner time. After that I think Die Hard is on TV, maybe I’ll watch that. Then I’ll just relax a bit and wait for Lauren to call tonight.