That was without a doubt the finest DJ event I’ve ever had the fortune to witness. Paul Van Dyk played track after track of beautiful, deep techno. Every song was better and faster than the previous. I think sometime around 1:30 people started to sit down for a break. That is probably the biggest complement someone can give a DJ. Sitting down because they’ve played such a great set that it’s tired the club goers out. Chris and I are in complete agreement that this perticular show was the best we’ve ever seen or are likely to see anytime in the near future. Wow. Simply that.

Of course a perfect evening couldn’t be without incident. Or else how could it be a “Matt Perry adventure”? Thankfully last nights “incident” only involved a slight traffic detour and about an hour added on to our trip home. Three cheers for minor rather than major annoyances. Luckily this is the only annoyance I can report because even the club experience last night was without aggrivation, which, as we all know, is next to impossible these days. Just read last weeks post-club post to see what I’m talking about. Somehow last night was the least aggrivating night I’ve spent at Avalon. Good job crowd. Thanks for not being morons.

And having mentioned Chris, I unfortunatly have to report that he has indeed left this morning for Long Island NY. He’ll start his job training on Monday for his new position at Computer Associates. Good luck bro.

Thats about it for me today. I slept in late, then ate. Now I’m debating whether or not to take a nap. Hehehe. What a life.