Talk about crappy. Both my computer and the weather are rather crappy at the moment. Chris’ keyboard (the one I’m typing on at the moment) is also crappy… but thats a whole other issue. Anyway, we took my card over to Chris’ house and gave it a try in his machine. The same “bad connection” type problems appeared over here as well. So at this point I’m gonna give tech support a shot and see if I can get anyone from Gainward (the cards manufacturer) to let me know how I can return it. Hopefully I’ll get a response but “web help” has always been known to be less than responsive. We’ll see. Besides that, at some point tonight Chris, Chip and myself are going to go see “The Sum of All Fears” which everyone tells me is really good. I still haven’t seen StarWars yet but I think that’ll wait till this weekend. Saturday I hope to play some computer games with the boys but if this video card issue isn’t straitened out I’m not sure if I’ll be able to… unless of course if someone wants to loan me a GeForce 4 for the evening… but I don’t see that happening. Ok, gotta run. Later.