Oh, I almost forgot to mention… it’s new CD day 🙂

Since I was going into Nashua to pick up a keyboard, I figured I’d check and see if X-Press 2’s new CD “Musikizm” was at Newbury Comics. I know the import was released last month in England and that the US release was sometime soon. Well, I was right and so now I’m the proud owner of that little piece of musical perfection. Also, in an odd twist of luck, my parents had decided to buy some CD’s for their trip this weekend. Asking their friendly music store associate “what’s good” they were pointed in the direction of Bruce Hornsby’s “Big Swing Face” and the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. They of course completely hated Bruce Honsby and so now I own it. It’s actually an odd CD. Apparently he’s a jazz/piano/funk guy who’s trying something very different with the album. According to all the reviews on Amazon, this CD sounds nothing like anything he’s ever done. Very ambiant with a little trance and a smidge of eclectic dance-pop. Kind of like Dirty Vegas or Underworld. Very good though. I’ve never really heard of the artist but I’m definatly going to be giving it a listen later tonight. So, I got two CD’s for the price of one today. Huzah.