I was also thinking today about how long it’s been since I’ve done nothing. Seriously. If I’m not at school, then I’m at home and working, if I’m not at either I’m somewhere in between. If I’m not in Savannah, then I’m in New Hampshire. Even when I go on vacation I’m usually doing something. Not that those “somethings” are bad, it’s just that sometimes I’d like to do absolutely nothing… and I haven’t gotten that chance. I’d like to sit, on my ass, in a deck chair, on some tropical island, with a Corona and absoluetly nothing nearby except the cabanna (sp?) where I got that Corona. And that’s it. I don’t want to go shopping at local stores. I don’t want to go water skiing. I don’t want to even get up for lunch. I want to sit there and do nothing. I fear that I’ll never actually get that to happen. I can see myself finishing school and jumping strait into work. I don’t really want that. I need a break. A mental break. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe it’s that I don’t really want to find a job. I know I have to, and I have ever intention of doing it… I just don’t want to. I think most people honestly don’t want to either. But we all do things we don’t like so that we can maintain our quality of life or life style… but when do we get a break so that we can enjoy that “quality” that we’ve been working towards? At retirement? I hope not. Maybe I’ll just go to bed now and hopefully sleep in… that’s as close to doing nothing as I can get at the moment… I might as well sleep in and enjoy it. Sorry for the rambling… my computer has put me in a bad mood. That and I miss my Lauren. I never feel quite like myself when she’s not around.