Fantastic… the first Service Pack for Windows XP is on its way. Now we get to play “authentication games” with Microsoft as everyone’s copy gets invalidated after the update. Allegedly this is the update that will break the anti-activation patches that everyone seems to be using. Thankfully, I have what I believe to be a activation-less OEM version. I could be wrong, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the update in order to find out.

And speaking of things soon to be released… its about time for another WinAmp 3 beta isn’t? What a surprise… here’s one now.

Also, for those that are interested, ThemeXP seems to be a good place to find XP themes, logons and boot screens. It seems a little more specialized than DeviantArt in terms of content and it’s a bit faster as well.

Oh, and for random game, software and customization news, check out NeoWin. It looks rather interesting and seems to be on the ball as far as interesting news is concerned.

Last but not least. A little something to laugh about… not only is Kazza rittled with yet another virus, but apparently so is GameSpy. In my opinion, if you’re silly enough to still be using Kazza, or heaven forbid your stupid enough to be using GameSpy, you kind of brought this on yourself. Stick with WinMX for your file sharing and The All Seeing Eye for your gaming servers. Not only do both programs connect to more servers than you could possibly ever need, both are rock solid, FREE, and don’t contain any ads.

Onto other topics… tomorrow there shall be computer gaming the likes of which no one has seen in… well… umm, at least a week! Game On!

Ok, it’s late. Sleepy time. G’Night.