Wooh. Sunday, aka: Homework Day. I got my sequential work done today. It was a water-color assignment believe it or not. It actually turned out well. Lauren stayed over for a good portion of the day and got her work done as well. It was a nifty little “homework party.” That is, if homework can be called a party.

We also watched Ali at some point in there. It was good, very good infact. Very well made, great acting… long as shit. It was like watching a copy of Tale of Two Cities. It was so long winded I fast forwarded a few parts and didn’t miss a thing. As much as I appreciate the wonderful cinamatography, and don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic, I just can’t see any reason for a ten minute jogging scene set to music. Let alone 4 or 5 of them.

On the exact opposite end of the “long winded” scale was SpiderMan, which we saw yesterday. It was also quite good. Not spectacular, but good. I’ve never been a fan of “blockbusters” but this was entertaining at least. It was well made and in my opinion one of the truest to the comic movies to date. That doesn’t excuse the bad acting of Kirstin Dunst, whos only apparent acting attribute is looking mildly attractive in a wet t-shirt. It also didn’t make me feel any emotion whatsoever. Even when Uncle Ben is killed. Nothing. There was no dramatic music, no emotional response from characters. And don’t feed me some line about McGuires “crying” because I’ve cried more after putting Visine in my eyes. But, it was still entertaining, and not half bad.

7.5/10 for SpiderMan, 8.5 for Ali.