Well. Sunday is here and that means homework. I actually haven’t started on any of my comic book yet and I have 6 pages, penciled, due tomorrow. I’ve got plenty of ideas but that won’t get me squat. I’m studying page layouts in the comics I have sitting around. Hopefully there’s something I can emulate. I don’t know whether to do it in a Penny Arcade, SinFest, simple cartoonish sort of way, or go the route of a more realistic drawing style. I’m not very good at either unfortunatly. I’ll decide as I go I suppose. I did however, get some supplies for tomorrow. I got my black and white paper from B&H as well as some Poloroid 59. I think tomorrow I’ll print B&W and tuesday will be Poloroid. I also picked up some 5×7 pieces of glass and I’m going to try and do emultion lifts on to them. They should be pretty cool. But that’s for later, for the moment I’ve got to entrench myself into comic book land.