Well, class sucked today. The professor was being a real ass, bigger than usual. My photo professors are cool, why can’t my sequential professor stop being a cock rabbit. Arg. But, that’s no big deal. There’s only a week and a half left. So that’s good. I’m ordering some nifty CDs from 5inch.com and some “trigger cases” to go with them. Hopefully they’ll help me in my job search. I’m also considering getting some buisness cards printed, but that’s still a “maybe.” Tonight I’ve been transfering some stuff over from the old computer. Got most of it done. I still have some CDs to burn to get some extras off, but most of the basics (email, photos, desktops, winamp skins etc) are taken care of. Thats about it. Other than that I’ve just been watching some hockey and eating pizza. Ah, the life of college students.