Sweet Jebus… there’s a massive computer in the hiz’ouse! Here… lemme show you…

This bad boy has 3, count’em, 3 case fans, the massive heatsink/fan combo and the PS fan. Plus the spaciousness of a full tower. All together, this will be one icy cold rig. I want to get an additional case fan for above the power supply so that it’ll take the hot air from the cd burner and dvd drive out of the case, but that will come later.

Installing everything took a little over three hours. I took my time and double checked every last jumper and/or connection.

Now comes the fun part, software installation. I have a copy of XP from a friend but I still don’t have a licence, which I’m hoping, if Dave is reading this, he’s still willing to let me use. If he does, I’ll be forever greatful. For the moment I’m making boot disk since the CD doesn’t seem to want to cooperate and boot for me. Oh well. M$ provided a nifty little boot disk utility so I’ll just take advantage of that.

More as it progresses. This will probably be a long involved process (knowing me), plus I have a TON of homework this week, so please forgive me if I don’t check in daily.