Stuffage. Day one of Uber Rig’s existance has come to pass and it was a less than eventful one. I got XP up and running… more or less. It’s crashing and/or lagging heavily when I try to change network settings. I’m figuring it’s a conflict between the motherboards built in net card and the Linksys I put in. The Linksys is updated and everything is running ok (or so it says) but the system is still confused and refuses to use anything but the motherboard to set up the LAN. So, until I figure out why it isn’t playing nice with the network card, I’ve got no internet connection. Besides that, it seems to be running pretty good. Some things need patching and updating, but I can’t exactly get to “Windows Update” without an internet connection, so it’ll have to wait. Speaking of patches… Dungeon Siege needs one BADLY. I’ve never seen such a buggy game. It can’t be my system… cause everything is absolute updated to the latest drivers. That and it’s crashing every two minutes on Jason’s system as well. Thank goodness there’ll be a patch on Friday. Maybe then I can play for more than 10 minutes at a time.

As far as “real life” goes… it goes. I’m printing tomorrow and friday and already printed a good deal today (wednesday). It’ll be rough, but I’ll get it done. I’ve got a big ass paper to write as well. Lauren’s also having a pretty crummy time with finals and such, but we’ll get through it. She encourages me to push on and I do the same for her. That’s about it. All work and no play and all that jazz.