Now, I’m the first to admit when I’ve left my computer on, or left something downloading, and I usually appologize since thats a waste of resources. I bring this up because yesterday we got our electric bill. It was nearly $200. Now, seeing as how we live in a two story home, with central air, three computers and other electronics, $200 doesn’t sound like a whole lot. Especially when you realize that this is infact Savannah GA and the air conditioner is running all the time to keep our house at a constant 70 degrees. Well, realization struck the household and it was decided that we were using electricity to much, althought I don’t really agree that $200 is “to much.” So, today, as we all left the house for classes, the air conditioner was turned off. A great idea. A fantastic idea infact. That way, we’re not keeping the house cold when there’s no one here except the roaches. What I don’t understand is why, after consciencely deciding the air conditioner was a waste, did leaving a computer on all day seem like a good idea. If you’re energy efficiant with one thing, wouldn’t it make sense to do so with everything else? I don’t try to understand it. All I know is that my computer is always off when I’m not actively using it, and if we’re applying the same rules towards air conditioners, we should apply the same rules towards other computers as well. Otherwise we’re being hypocritical and not really saving any money in the long run. Plus, hot air is bad for computers anyways, I wouldn’t want to leave my system to “bake” in a house with no AC all day. That’s just my two cents.