I’m torn. At the moment I’m currently considering bidding on a NeoGeo Pocket over at EBay. It’s only up to $35 and comes with PacMan. The same guy is also selling Metal Slug for $8. This is an extrememly tempting offer. I LOVE this little system. If you’ve never seen one you’re missing out. In my opinion it was and still is the handheld that all should be measured against. Even today its far better than the GBA. Back when it was released it was years ahead of both the GB and the GameGear. So, why am I not bidding on it. Because I’m leaving in about two weeks. I don’t have enough faith in EBay sellers to get it to me before I leave. I certainly don’t want it to sit here in Savannah all summer. So, do I get it and if so, where do I ship it? If I ship it home then I won’t have it for the long drive up the coast. If I ship it here, I might not have it at all. I dunno… but I want it. Bad.