I hate being busy. I guess I am jaded. Or at least stressed. Probably stressed. My “finals” are basically this week. Then I have 3 more weeks after that. I have a big paper due next Monday and 10 prints due Tuesday. Those are my two biggest assignments of the semester and they fall on the same week. After that I only have a sequential assignment that’s more annoying than difficult and some addition Poloroid stuff to do in photo, but that should be easy. So, although it’s stressful, after I get these done I’m pretty much gliding through till summer. So, when my computer comes tomorrow, I’ll probably put it together then not be able to enjoy it for a week or so. But, if that’s what needs to happen, then so be it. Add to all that the fact that I still need to move into my new apartment, get my car worked on and find a job for the summer, and you’re looking at one stressed out art student.

Can I come home yet?