For the moment… I will complain about things. Why? Because that’s what I do best.

First on my list is the fucking light down the street from me. The intersection at Abercorn and Eisenhower. It’s a rediculous light cycle. Instead of having traffic flow like every other intersection on the planet, Savannah has decided it needs to let each lane go individually for about 5 minutes. There are two north/south lanes plus a turning lane on both sides and then two east/west lanes, also with turning lanes. Now, a normal light cycle goes like this: Turning lanes on both sides, then the strait lanes, then turning lanes in the other (crossing) direction and then the strait lanes. It’s quite simple. This light cycle however, can’t seem to quite understand this basic approach to traffic control. First we need a single turning lane on one side to go, then the strait lane next to it, then the opposite directions turning lane, then strait, then the cross traffics turning lane, then strait, etc. Not only that, but each side (or lane) stays green for about 5 minutes. Now, counting up the lanes there’s a total of 8. 8×5=40. 40 fucking minutes if you happen to miss the cycle in the direction you’re going. 40 might be a bit of an over exageration but it’s at least 20. Honestly, 20 minutes for a light? That’s rediculous. It causes more traffic problems then any other light in the city… and it pisses me off, which I’m sure they had in mind when they built it. Fuckos.

2nd on my list is Poloroid. The company as a whole is the biggest waste of fucking space in the entire realm of photo supplies. If you don’t know by now, I’ll let you in on something that’s been going on for about 2 years now… Poloroid is bankrupt. It’s going under. But, before they do, they’re jacking up prices on whatever stock (products, not trading stocks) they have left. A package of film that was $20 two years ago is now $70. The sad part about all this is that photo professors still feel the need to assign projects using the friggin stuff. So, with the closing down of Poloroid some of their products have obviously become discontinued. We’ll take “Polorcolor type 59” for example. Its a positive film/paper that produces a 4×5 color print. It’s actually not bad stuff. But it’s discontinued. I got some of the last of it from B&H a few months ago. It was $70 a box (for 20 pieces of film). If I tried to find some now, I could probably get some expired stuff on the black (or gray) market for about $100 a box, but most retailers would say that they were out and were never getting any more. I feel kinda bad for a few kids in my class who only bought 1 box and have now run out, because they can’t find it anymore. I bought 2 boxes and should have enough to finish. Still. It’s shitty that Poloroid is jacking up prices and its also shitty that there’s no sympathy from photo professors who simply say “you should have bought some earlier.”

Last on my list for today is Windows XPs LAN settings. I don’t like them. I can’t figure out how to get my computer to see others on the network. I’ve tried everything. I’ve changed IPX/SPX settings, I’ve changed computer names, workgroups, domains, everything. I know everyone has to be in the same work group, that we don’t have a domain and that we’re using a frame type of 802.3. Beyond that I’m friggin stumped. I can only see myself and not Jason or Pete, Jason can see both of us and Pete can’t see anyone. Poop sticks. Anyone want to lend a hand with that one when I get home?

That’s about it. I’m done for the day, ranting at least. I’m going to play some Dungeon Siege or perhaps take a nap.