And while I’m on the subject of things I need to own eventually… I figured I’d mention exactly how many fantastic albums are coming out this month, next month, this summer, etc.

First up is a rare little gem from Astralwerks. Rarewerks 2 (various artists) is a nifty little collection of stuff you’ve never heard of from artists you’ve probably never seen. Rare and remixed, hard to find, that sort of thing. I’d like it simply for the unreleased Beth Orton remixes. Not to mention the Chems remix of Fatboy Slim or the Daft Punk remix of the Chems. This one will rawk.

Next up is a monster. If you’ve been of the opinion that DJs are getting lazy, look no further than Tom Middleton to change your mind. His next release titled Songs of the Cosmos is a triple CD set complete with different moods/genres on each disk. No matter what you feel like listening to, Tom’s probably got it somewhere on this one.

Danny Tenaglia is back, literaly, with his new set Back to Basics. If you’re a Global Underground fan, you’re gonna love this one. Tenaglia is famous for spinning anything and everything and from the reviews I’ve read, this is no exception. Rumored to be very “Deep Dish-ish”, this should be a good one.

GateCrasher is back at it with yet another CD comp. This time a 3 disk doozy which is said to encompass a perfect night out. I don’t know if I believe that or not, but they’ve never disappointed me in the past. The new set titled Digital is said to cover everything from the dancefloor to the chillout and back again. I might have to hear this one before I buy it just to make sure they’re not full of it.

Last but certainly very very far from least is the man himself. Digweed. Set to tickle our ears with the new disk MMII, Digweed shall rule my summer. Every review, every interview, every everything seems to be saying that this is one disk everyone needs. No more deep moody house crap. This is is rockin. Apparently mixed for one of his KissFM gigs, he found it far too good to pass up and decided to bless us all with an international cd release. Thanks D!

That’s of course not the half of it. There are tons of smaller releases this summer as well. For example, a new Chris Fortier mix from Bedrock is due out, as well as stuff from Carl Cox, Junior Vasquez, Jonathan Peters, and of course Sasha. I would mention the Sasha album more but I can’t find any information of it anywhere. With an exception: last month in Mixer magazine, durring an interview with S&D about the Delta Heavy tour, it was mentioned that Sasha’s new album would be a double disk mix (as they all should be) and that it was expected sometime near the end of the summer, after the tour was over. I can’t wait for that one. Sasha hasn’t had a mix CD in years.

So, that’s my little list of summer CD’s to buy. Of course this is only the electronic music side of matt’s taste buds. There’s plenty other things to keep me both in debt as well as CD heaven for quite some time. So, there you have it. My lust for music will drain my bank account yet again. But at least the spoils will be worth it.

Game On.