You know… I had written something mildly interesting a few hours ago, but Blogger seems to have eaten it. No bother. It was only mildly interesting anyways. Not much is going on around the Royal Oaks ranch. Playing some computer games, doing some homework, the usually stuff. I’ve pretty much concluded that Sequential class with be the difficult one this semester, which in itself seems odd for an intro class. I don’t feel that bad because my roomies have gotten themselves in just as deep with their Cartooning class. They get to draw things moving, I get to draw things in comic panels, I suppose that’s about even. I also ordered my supplies from B&H finally, they should be here next week. I had to restrain myself from tacking a Powershot S110 onto the order. I really felt conpelled to get one since I was going to eventually have the money. But I decided against it. I figure it can be more money towards a worthy computer upgrade, which btw, will finally happen. Probably by the end of the month… well, ordering the parts at least.

I’d also like to express my disappointment and happiness with two recent additions to computer gaming land. First off, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast seems on the outside to be a nifty game. That is until you start playing it. I’ve never been so insulted by level designs or complete lack of 1st person story. It’s almost as if they went out of their way to make the levels unnessisarily tedious. The upside however is the multiplayer. If you can get it to stop crashing (at least on my machine) then you can enjoy slicing your friends to pieces in full 3rd person, light-sabre glory. The multiplayer is pretty good and even throws some fairly adequate bots at you. I guess a strong multiplayer isn’t difficult to imagine coming from a Quake III powered game. On the complete opposite side of our 1st person shooter coin is Aliens vs. Predator 2. This little surprise is actually quite frightening in an Aliens (the movie) sort of way. Jason and I have been wondering through the Marine missions and having to stop at random intervals and wipe the poop out of our pants. You don’t really know video game fear until an Alien drops from the ceiling and starts chewing on your head. The downside to this one is the fairly unbalanced multiplayer. The Marines have the firepower, the Predators have the stealth, and the Aliens get the chaft. Unless of course, you find a dark corner to hide in and camp the entire time until an unsuspecting Marine comes by for dinner. Sure, they can kill things in one “munch” but you still have to get close enough to do it, and with enemies that have heat sensors and motion trackers, that really doesn’t happen. So you’re left with Marines vs. Predators, which certainly isn’t what it says on the box. Oh well. Can’t win’em all. Some games are best played in the dark with the sounds turned up, some are better for LAN parties.

That’s about it kids, time to sleep. Later.