Woot. Randomness to talk about tonight. First of all, a little file sharing goodness for everyone. If you’re using WinMX (and I highly suggest you do) check out this nifty little program. It’s called NapiMX. It adds tons of OpenNap and P2P servers to your WinMX server list. By default there’s only one server listed in the WinMX server list, so this is a great little find. I went from one server with about 100,000 users to 50-60 servers with obviously many more users. Also, along the same lines, check out ZeroPaid. It’s a cool little site with links and downloads for hundreds of file-sharing programs.

Also, if you have file sharing programs that use ads or have pop-ups, you might want to check out this. It’s actually a link off of Kazaa Lite’s site(see “Hosts List” in the links along the top), but it’s a good trick that can work for just about anything. It involves editing your Windows “HOST file” and redirecting known ad services to a different IP address, namely yours, hense negating the connection and not downloading any ads.

I also got a great deal of printing done today, which makes me very happy. I also had the pleasure of listing to some brilliant music that I hadn’t listening to in quite a while. I highly recommend finding a copy (possibly even using an afor-mentioned file sharing program) of Carl Cox – Essential Mix from Spaze (ibiza) on August 13th 2000 and Timo Maas – Essential Mix on 5-17-01. Those are directed at my bud Chris. Go get’em. They rawk 🙂