Well, today (yesterday, officially) is (was) the two year aniversary of Lauren and I starting our relationship. It’s been a wonderful two years with more ups than downs and times of great pleasure and happiness. It’s still so very hard to believe that it’s already been two years. I can remember telling people I had just met a great girl and it seems like yesterday. It’s also dawning on me that it’s been three years of college already. Shit. I’m not ready for the real world. Screw that. I’d like to stay in my little bubble for a little longer. But that’s a whole different story. Back to the aniversary, we’re both exceptionally busy tonight so we’ve decided to celebrate later this week on Thursday. I plan on cooking a nice meal and we’ll break out the candles and I’ll pick up a bottle of wine. It should be nice.

I also got my printing for Color done today, which is a good feeling. Most of the prints turned out very well and I’m happy with’em. I’m not quite done with my pencil roughs for sequential class tomorrow, so I’m probably screwed. Not that I care. I don’t perticularly like that class at the moment, but I don’t plan on letting it drag down my fairly high GPA.

Ok, sleepy time.