Well, things have gotten slightly more complicated. After talking with Royal Oaks it seems that we were required to give them 60 days notice before terminating our lease. I found that a bit odd. I was under the assumption that when you don’t say that you’ll be resigning a lease that they would take that as sort of a hint. So, this puts us in a pickle. 60 days from now is June 16th. We won’t be here in June. This is bad. Our options at this point basically boil down to us having to pay for 16 extra days in June when we really shouldn’t have to. But, all that is going to happen no matter what we do, we have to pay for that, there’s no way out of it. So, it’s best to deal with it and move on. So, now we turn our attention to finding some place else. We have. A nice “split two bedroom” at Magnolia Villa (what cheesy names these places have). This is where it gets complicated. If we move in now (or relatively soon) we’re in time to catch their “special” which is $99 to move in, no security deposit or non-refundable deposit, that sort of thing. That’s for April, in May we’d start playing regular rent and so on from there. If we waited until May or June, we’d have to pay a $250 security deposit and a $100 non-refundable deposit, plus May’s rent. So, clearly, the better deal is to get it now. But what about Royal Oaks, we’re still responsible for those 60 days and hense, have to pay for those 60 days. So, either we pay May’s rent twice and $99 now, or we pay May’s rent twice and $350 later. What a shitty situation. I’ve got to get a hold of my parents tonight and see what they think. Rent at the new place is slightly higher, but there’s less utilities, so I guess it works out. Damn, this is a pain in the ass.